Breeders of Working English Shepherds since 1970


Our family has a long history with English Shepherds.  Our great grandfather had English Shepherds (aka Farm Collies) in the early 19th century on our cattle farm in southwest Arkansas.  Family lore passes down this story his dog saving his life.

The men of the family were fighting a fire in the heavy timber on the farm.  In an effort to contain the blaze, fire lanes were cut out.  The fire changed directions causing the patriarch of the family to be caught in a closing ring of ring.  His English Shepherd jumped through the fire, alerting his owner.  They were both able to escape with the dog suffering minor burns.

As young adults, we too, had English Shepherd and since the early 1970’s have been involved in preserving the characteristics of this outstanding breed.  Our dogs and pups are raised on our 265 acre horse farm just a little down the road from where Shep saved Jim’s great grandfather. We have a very intensive selection on our breeding stock and the puppies are the result of years of selection for trainability, intelligence, natural ability to work stock, desire to protect family and conformation.

Our dogs are an integral part of our family both in the house and on the ranch.  We own a horse breeding  and training farm which specializes in cutting horses.  The dogs are involved in moving the cattle in and out of the pens.  They also help with the horses.

Working horses takes a dog who is keenly in-tune to people.  They must work in a manner which moves horses but does not scare them.  Our dogs also move cattle and work cattle in a training situation during the training of cutting horses. 


About our Dogs

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